What if school reflected only the core elements we needed? If School is a co-learning space concept where learners of all ages engage with the community on projects that create real impact. We threw out the conventions which are traditionally called school and dug deep into contemporary pedagogy theories to build this concept. Below are the elements we believe could make the co-learning spaces of the future a reality today.

Learning Theories

We believe there are a few critical learning theories that can serve as a foundation for authentic and creative learning environments. 


We don’t believe in the traditional timetable, but there are elements we still will put on a schedule. Whether or not students decide to attend is up to them.

Learning Spaces

This is a list of the areas we find invaluable to providing the tools and opportunities that students need to explore and learn.

21st Century Skills

We use these skills as the basis for conversations between the educators, students, and their parents. Our students are aware and familiar with all the skills, but a focus is on the ones we have listed.


While learners from all ages are welcome, we also require a variety of different community members in our school beyond just the learners.

The If School Table of Elements