Classroom Based Role Playing Game


Players become the first colonists on Mars, and have to balance a fine line of managing collective resources and innovating for a better future

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Mars Colony building through a lens of sustainability 

Marsbound is a classroom role playing game designed for groups between 30 and 150 students to engage in a Science and Social Studies rich experience. The game unit runs over 12 lessons of an hour or an hour and half, with students in Grade 6-8. The objective of the unit is to provide a rich platform for learning about space, environmental systems, and introduce two social systems that don’t get covered very much in the text books: Anarchy and Corporatocracy.

Using a Flipped classroom model, students learn standards based content on space while engaging in a powerful role play as early colonists on Mars. Collaborative planning and decision making are key to this game, with powerful visuals and artwork that is sure to engage students in exciting storytelling throughout the unit. 


Open Source Materials and Media on the Game


If you are keen to try out this game unit, start with this article about the experience of designing and running the unit at Green School Bali.

There is the original Game unit site still available at Green School as well, although several of the links to resources are broken.



This game requires a fair amount of printing to play. Ideally, having a hard copy of the Playbook for each group helps. Location Maps printed large (A2) and sticker pages are critical. Counters in a variety of colors are also important.

The lessons and quizzes can be adjusted for your school, but you are also welcome to use the ones we used through the GS unit site.






Class Time

12 hrs




A sampling of game elements (stickers and maps) available in the resource folder. 

maps by Noan, drawings by Jesse