Shifting the LEarning Paradigm

building ethical and sustainable education

Bamboo Roots

From Green School Origins…

Mira started as a discussion on how education could improve. While working at a school renowned for pushing the boundaries of what is considered a learning environment, we found that there was a lot of ways to continue to grow and learn. Since 2013 Mira founders have been meeting and discussing how learning theories can be applied and adapted to fit the school we worked in. Many ideas have since been integrated into the fabric of what is now considered Green School.

Urban Iteration

To Real School Implementation

Our current projects take us out of the jungle and into the city. Our team members are engaged in building an urban school with sustainability at its core in Budapest, developing programs that redefine the city of Vancouver as a living classroom, and developing deeper and more meaningful home school networks based on ethical education in Denpasar, Bali. 

Our Specialties:

Making The world of education humane and sustainable

School Design

Specialty Program Design

game based learning

Project based Learning

Twenty first century skills

Educating for Sustainability

Dialogue based Education


What We Can Do For You

Our team builds understanding in a new way to educate through one essential principle: the learning must always be situated. While we can advise and provide resources to build progressive education, we see enormous value in working on the ground with educators in the application of what we do. Our contracts are never taken lightly; each represents a potent opportunity to seed a more sustainable future, and we do whatever is in our power to help realize that. 

Embedded Consultancy

We appreciate immersive contact time to develop a holistic understanding for educators

Professional Development

We are happy to work alongside inspired educators to improve their craft

Co-facilitation and Application

Our favorite modus operandi is to take on an active role in employing our strategies

Sprouting a Culture and Ethos

We pride ourselves in finding value in all circumstances, and build cultures based on that

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