Game Based Learning

Using extensive knowledge of video and board games, we have developed high impact role playing units that build a rich learning environment. 

Game Design

We build game units based on relevant content for the target age range. We take into account their interests, location, and age to build an experience that will envelop them in a way that no ordinary school experience can. We have created more than 5 custom designed game units in this fashion. 

Flexible Concepts

Connect with us about a concept you think would make an excellent educational role play activity, we are happy to build it with you!


The first Mars colony heads across the solar system to seed humanity’s second home. On the way the scientists question the fundamental fabric of society. How will you create a new hope (or farce) on the Red Planet?

Utopia and Dystopia

The world has become a green paradise, but at the cost of humans breathing fresh air. Now that civilization is crammed into dense vertical structures called Arcologies, how will they fare?

Make Your Next Unit an RPG

Creating a unit with intuitive and complex game mechanics is not easy. But, we are excited to help bring these to reality! The experience of the students is incomparable, and once you have done one you may never go back to regular teaching!

The Student’s Last Word…


I’m really happy I got to go through a sort of real life experience and actually do in my opinion pretty well. It was really fun to be able to take on a job as a reporter and being able to see how the other archeology’s participated in Utopia / Dystopia. In conclusion I think this class was a really amazing experience

- Camille