Classroom RPGs


Role Playing Games are excellent platforms to engage learners in social storytelling. They allow our imaginations to soar, and enable educators to bring real issues to the table in an interactive way.

01. Adaptable

All the games we create are created with the intention of sharing our pedagogy, and can be adapted to meet the needs of any community of learners. 

02. Complex

We try hard to ensure that the games we create allow for deep systems thinking and a good deal of ambiguity. Part of the fun of playing such a game is testing boundaries. 

03. Creative

As much as possible, we aim to allow these games to be a platform for creativity, both from the educators who are running them and the students who are partipants. 

The Menu

Our Role Playing Games

New States of Atlantis

Eco-conscious Land Management Simulator

The New States of Atlantis puts students in the land developer’s seat, where they make decisions that impact their island and deal with cataclysm. 


Science Fiction Survival With a Touch of Anarchy

In Marsbound, students become the first colonists on Mars, and have to balance a fine line of managing collective resources and innovating for a better future.

Utopia / Dystopia

Arcology Living at its Finest

In Utopia/Dystopia, the world’s population can no longer live outside of massive structures called Arcologies. Learners experience what it means to be interdependent, as well as explore how tribalism can lead to conflict.