About Us


We have worked with numerous institutions in building, designing, and implementing powerful methods to allow learners to seek their passions and broaden experiences.

01. Holistic

Mira looks at how we can approach education in a method which engages the whole person, rather than a single element. 

02. Green

Educating for sustainability is at the core of what we do, building experiences and methods which approach the world as a systems thinker.

03. Engaging

We design education to inspire and ignite passions, because we are aware those are at the core of all learning. 

Ethical Pedagogy

Education that inspires

Collectively we have helped to evolve many cutting edge institutions such as Green School Bali and Real School in Budapest. We have designed adjunct programs that transition institutions to progressive learning hubs, as seen with Little Mountain in Vancouver.

We hold at our core human values and reverence of nature, and approach pedagogy as a tool on the vanguard of building a more sustainable and just society. 


Improved Engagement


increase in intrinsic motivation


A Team Of Professionals

Noan Fesnoux


Decades of experience in bringing the ‘fun’ back to fundamental

Charlotte Fesnoux

Dialogue Expert

Creating powerful educational environments that engage youth.

Dwi Rosmiladewi

Crafting Specialist

Building relationships and design thinking through arts and crafts


What We Do Best

Game Design

Bringing cohort scale simulations to institutions to create lasting memories and build soft skills.


Connect learners with nature to build a sense of awe and wonder around our planet


Deep Emphasis on human communication is that the core of understanding


Create unique solutions to address the needs of the learning community

Place Based

Ensure the learning is situated and relevant to the location of the learning centre


A focus on approaching all challenges with a sustainability mindset

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