What is MiraEd?

We are a collective of independent educators who are changing the world of education. We work alongside diverse institutions and individuals to grow a pedagogy that aligns with our core values. In doing so, we create the stories that inspire others, backed by an open source resource bank to maximize our reach.

Why we do What we do: 

Education is changing. How it changes today will determine the sustainability of our whole society. As independent educators, we work for a purpose, namely promoting the mindsets needed for our culture to become one which not only sustains, but regenerates our planet. 

Our Promise:

We are aligned by a set of core values

Nature Nurtures

Place based

Universal Respect

A voice for all (inclusion)

Diversity is a Necessity


Empathy (compassion)


How Do we Support our Mission?

Our team builds understanding in a new way to educate through one essential principle: the learning must always be situated. While we can advise and provide resources to build progressive education, we see enormous value in working on the ground with/as educators in the application of what we do. Our contracts are never taken lightly; each represents a potent opportunity to seed a more sustainable future, and we do whatever is in our power to help realize that. 

Story Telling

We love to create a compelling story, for ourselves, our learners, our clients, and the world. 

Embedded Educator

We work alongside organizations in creating bespoke programs that meet their needs and align with our values. 

Learning Guides

We work 1:1 with learners and educators to navigate a unique learning pathway that suits the individual. 

Independent Workshops

We run sessions and workshops independently to reach new audiences and hone our craft.